one who swears alot
bob: hey look john theres carl!
john: hey carl!
carl: !@#% !@%# &$%@ %@#$!@#$!#$@
bob: wow, he’s quite a bleeper
term used instead of n-gg-r
that stuped bleeper is f-cken blacker then a shadow.

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  • blehme

    a word used in distressing or awkward situations. blehme! i can’t believe i failed that exam.

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    a filler for any situation in which the conversation is over, or you have no idea what the other person is talking about. skate boarder “yeah, i did a flip-switch 586 yesterday” person 2 “blerst”

  • blinghole

    blinghole can be used to refer to a c-nt, v-g-n-, -sshole, mouth, p–per or any other d-ck receptical. -ss c-nt p–per v-g-n- mouth p-ssy #1 tom c-ckstuffed mary’s blinghole all night long. #2 hey you f-ck-ng -sshole, shut your g-dd-mn blinghole. #3 jimmy was running his smart-ss mouth until his mother slapped him across the […]

  • blirtatious

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