blind grind

blind grinding is a phenomenon popular among sightless and partially-sighted singles in the uk and some parts of europe, now increasingly popular among sightless singles in the united states.

like swinging, the event usually takes place in a private residence.

blind grinds are organized over the internet. men or women submit their email addresses and genders to a blind grind website, along with a chosen name (real names are never used). on a daily/weekly/monthly basis, the blind grind server software randomly chooses between ten and fifty individuals from its database and sends them the address of a certified blind grind location. there is usually a 50:50 gender balance, but ‘big blind gay grind’ (bbgg) groups also exist.

upon arriving at their location, the partic-p-nts are guided into large dark rooms (e.g. garages, barns) containing multiple inflatable beds. music is usually played. oils and lubricants are provided. the partic-p-nts proceed to have anonymous s-x with multiple partners for hours.

recent blind grind controversies include a group in paris who were infiltrated by sighted p-rnographers who partic-p-ted in and recorded the events for years.

it is estimated that at due to sighted infiltration of the blind grind phenomenon, at least 2% of the amateur p-rnography on the internet now involves unwitting sightless men and women. you can tell by the presence of i) funky–ss eyes and ii) unkempt pubic hair.
“mom, i’m going to a blind grind tonight.”

“i wish you wouldn’t, honey, but i understand. those funky–ss eyes of yours limit your options. don’t forget your moist toilettes. what time should i pick you up?”
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when one is rubbing his/her junk against random strangers on the dance floor
walter: do you even know that girl?

john deere: hot sh-t i’ve never even met this girl and she’s giving be a blind grind

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