Blind Pig

illegal after hours gambling and drinking place in mid 1960’s detroit
the 1967 detroit riot began after police tried to raid a blind pig.
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an illegal keg party where admission is charged.
dude, we need your three bucks for that keg stand.

dude, my fraternity was busted for a blind pig party last night.
a card play in the game of euchre, when called before the hand is delt, gives the caller the right to the next 100 wins if gone alone and achieves it.
im going blind pig! laydown loaner…..i just won the next 100 hands automatically…game over.
canadian military slang dating back to world war i, for a mortar round or an aircraft ‘iron’ bomb, especially a heavy large-bore one. derived from its weight and size, like a large pig.
“we were crossing the plain in open formation when the enemy brought smoke — ‘blind pigs’ and rainmakers.
a detroit cop during the late 1960’s
during the late 1960’s, in detroit, blind pigs were abound.

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