blogjack is a g rated term for blogd-ck. blogjack or blogjacking is to post your comment under the first comment in a blog in an attempt for readers and the blogger to see your comment before reading other comments in the blog.

to cut in line inside of a blog.

to place a comment in a blog under another comment near the top that has nothing to do with the above comment.

most popular blogs will have a blog jack or blog d-ck line see miles cole’s blogs on mysp-ce for a good example.
blogjack line starts here

blog jacking is allowed on some blogs but not on others.

“mind if i blogjack?”
occurs when two or more people hold a conversation in the comments of another person’s blog. usually the conversation has little or nothing to do with the topic of the blog.
originates from the term carjack.
omg i have been blogjacked!!
when someone steals an idea from one persons blog and puts it on their own.
i blogjacked this from leslie’s site because it was really cool.

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