a person (usually young) who partic-p-tes in all or most of the following:

1. spending large amounts of time posting entries on his/her blog (usually a blogspot or wordpress blog) about things no one other than them cares about.

2. tries any way possible to get others to read his/her blog.

3. posts comments on every blog he/she comes across in hopes that other bloggers will find and comment on his/her blog.

4. uses their blog to advance other areas of his/her life, such as relationships, positions in work, social status, or anything else.

blogwh-r-s can come in different categories, the most notable of these include:

– the activist blogwh-r-, who will post about 20 entries a day revolving around news articles which support his/her political views and/or desperately crying for others to care about his/her favorite political cause.

– the gamer blogwh-r-, who posts a new entry every time he/she advances in an online game or mmorpg.

– the sl-tty blogwh-r-, whose posts are just images of her showing her -ssets to any willing male.

– the homeschool mom blogwh-r-, who truly believes others think her kids are as valuable members of society as she does and posts in the mindframe as such.

– the jesusfreak blogwh-r-, whose posts are mainly bible entries or what he/she saw on the 700 club last night.

– the pop culture blogwh-r-, whose blog is dedicated to their favorite movies, bands, tv shows, and websites. usually, this person tries to come across as some all-knowing pop culture guru, even though his/her blog is nothing different from entertainment weekly.

– the emo/scene blogwh-r-, whose posts are either lyrics to their favorite emo song at the moment, photoshopped photos of him/her, or rants about how mommy and daddy won’t let his/her 16-year old jailbait -ss stay out past midnight.
ruthie the blogwh-r- posts to her blogger/blogspot blog at least twice a day and spends most of her time reading and commenting on the blogs of others. no wonder 99% of her friends are people from the internet.
a person who posts an insane amount of blog posts whether on social networking sites such as mysp-ce or nexopia as well as their own personal blogs. these people are known for making blog posts about useless junk no one cares about or will ever likely read.
guy1: oh my god this person makes like 5 blog posts a day about useless cr-p.
guy2: yeah what a blog wh-r-.
a person who addictively writes in his/her online journal and reads or comments in others’.
i had to defriend that crazy blogwh-r- because every time i checked my friends page, every other entry was hers — and it was stupid sh-t like memes and how much she hates dubya.

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