text abbreviation for bitter laugh out loud. used in place of lol, when you want to express disgust instead of amus-m-nt.
blol the bank just charged me a fee for having insufficient funds
used to describe something that is more than hilarious
your joke about that guy’s haircut was blol.
blol is a messenger short hand meaning big laugh out loud
it can be used in a messenger or text convo either when something funny or when you dont no what to say:

blol that was funi or

person 1: wuu2?
person 2: nm blol
blondly laughing out loud or blonde laughing out loud(to be used by true blonds only)
hilary: ohmygod that was so funny!
joey: i know! i was blol-ing!
the origins of “blol” are still somewhat vague, but it has begun to replace “lol” in most texting and email use. the b could stand for “big”, although some have speculated it could be “barely”.

the other point of contention is how it’s pr-nounced. accepted pr-nunciations:

she smelled like tuna, blol.

and that was the last time we got to call him ch-nky, blol.
blol is a acronym for blog lol.
blol means a lol subject in a weblog.
barely laughing out loud
“blol… good one, dude… but i’m not in the mood to laugh…”

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