Bloomin’ Onion

while giving a girl a hardy fisting you open your hand up and pull out.
man that was the best bloomin’ onion ever, i didn’t think i would get all my fingers back out.
a old womans v-g-n- that has had at least six children
ronnie’s mom has one nasty bloomin onion
a complete idiot.
the editors of urban dictionary are bloomin onions.
when you sh-t through a strainer onto a plate forming a pretty flower of feces.
art served up his famous bloomin’ onion on t.j.’s fine china right after his trip to chipotle providing a delicate desert for both to enjoy.
consists of three or more d-cks on chat roulette
3 or more d-cks on chat roulette resembling a bloomin’ onion
when a male/female sticks their fist up a broads v-g-n-, opens their hand and give their fingers a wiggle.
brent d-ck has no respect for any females/himself so he simply does it without permission. even though 12 year old girls don’t know any better, he thinks that since they praise him, they’ll let him compared to girls his own age…
he ram’s his fist up there and gives them a free ride.
then run’s off to his friends.. “guess what, i gave five different 12 year old girls a bloomin onion last week!”
right after pulling your p-n-s out of a female’s -n-s, the -n-s stays wide open for a fraction of a second, resembling a bloomin’ onion.
after steve pulled his stark erection out of candace’s firm b-ttucks, it resembled a bloomin’ onion for what seemed like less than a second.

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