Blue Valentine

generally a divorce or a breakup between two people in a relationship is known as blue valentine. when this word is use it refers to the eternal bond breakage between two souls who can’t be separated in any terms. blue valentine is used for those who are meant for each other but due to some misunderstanding or any other reason, now separated.
monica: hey what happened to rachel? why she’s sad?
phoebe: it’s because of misunderstanding between her and ross.
monica: i thought everything was sorted out between them.
phoebe: no, the situation is worse. they just celebrated their blue valentine yesterday.
tom waits’ fifth studio alb-m, from 1978, blue valentine is an amazing work of art. this alb-m was really the turning point between cl-ssic waits, and the more avant-garde waits. his voice became much more gravelly in his hiatus, and he added more low-lifes and hard-lucks to the songs. one of the best songs he has ever recorded is here, romeo is bleeding, along with $29.00, and blue valentines.
an excerpt from blue valentine’s-
a sweet little bullet from a pretty blue gun

i’d rather die before i wake
like marilyn monroe
and throw my dreams out in
the street and the
rain will make em grow

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