Bluffin with my muffin

phrase coined by lady gaga in her hit song poker face. means she’s using her p-ssy (m-ffin) to con guys.
joe: hey jill, let’s hang tonight.

jill: nah…

joe: i’ll buy dinner.

jill: ok.

joe: are you gonna put out?

jill: nope. just a bluffin with my m-ffin!
the offering of a baked good to distract your enemies so that you can make a quick escape.
‘i was cornered my thieves on a dark, deserted street, and only managed to escape by bluffin’ with my m-ffin (blueberry).’
while having s-x with a man, the girl is actually thinking about a woman. he thinks she’s into it because she is aroused, but she’s not aroused because of him. bluffin’ = lying. m-ffin = v-g-n-.
i was bluffin’ with my m-ffin last night with john since i couldn’t stop thinking of jane.
to s-xually tease a male with promises of getting laid with a female

flashing a v-g-n- and saying “you will never get this!”
lady gaga’s poker face

girl: “heyyy im h-rny lets do it!”
guy: “omg yess!!!”
girl: “hahaha only bluffin with my m-ffin!”
guy: “i hate you”
faking -rg-sm
my lover thought i was enjoying myself, but i was bluffin’ with my m-ffin
while clubbing attracting men and while they get erections in stage one of attracting them switching attention to another men. easy way of making victims.
during the weekend emma en nathalie held bluffin with my m-ffin compet-tion.
when a sk-nky female lies about havin’ a std.
male: yo! my d-ck feels weird. i think that b-tch was bluffin’ with her m-ffin.

female: yo b-tches! last night i f-ck-d a guy and now he has herpes! i totally am bluffin’ with my m-ffin.

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