a silly person , or one who is goofy
you are a blufford boy.
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  • livanna

    livanna is a girl who likes to fart and is a b-tthole. she is the cl-ss clown. eww… who farted was that livanna buy the domain for your pet vlog

  • riverside roleplay

    when two people role play with one being a fat 26 year old bas-m-nt dweller, and the other being an underage girl. “hey man, did you babysit that girl last night?” “yeah, man. i gave her the ol’ riverside roleplay.” “dude, google mojorocka.”

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    (adj.) the apparent inability or difficulty of a woman to breathe. • typically used by filipino people within trivial conversations. my girlfriend has asthma, so there are times when chicken nut bread. buy the domain for your pet site

  • veneeta

    a kind person who can also be stubborn sometimes but will never betray her best friend. really don’t care what people think of her. falls “in love” to easily and tends to get hurt a lot. but because s-ssy,bossy,and not caring what other people think is her greatest strength she always gets through it (sometimes). […]

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