any curse word in minionese (ex. sh-t)
kevin the minion: bello! orlando? ugh. blumock.

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  • Left swiper

    someone that will mostly get swiped left on tinder basically because there really ugly. guy/girl 1- dude look at this guy/girl on instagram guy/girl 2- omg he’s/she’s definitely a left swiper

  • fucking goddamn shit

    when you need a stronger word than “f-ck”. – annie… please keep calm… i’ve destroyed your new phone… – f-cking godd-mn sh-t!!

  • parting the pink sea

    a s-xual twist of a reference to parting the red sea meaning spreading the legs of a woman and adventuring the depths of her promise land. “now you’re parting the pink sea with the girl of your dreams”

  • smart fucker

    when someone looks up info on the web and acts like the smart f-cker of the group. that guy is a real smart f-cker. not!!

  • spee

    v. sperm pee the act of ejactulating and urinating simultaneously. michael had to pee so bad when he started banging tina. when he came he started to pee at the same time and covered her in spee. spee –v: to digitally stimulate an orifice in the manner in which one might use a dial telephone, […]

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