the act of receiving oral s-x from a garden gnome while taking a dump.

inspired by the original blumpkin or blumpie, blumplestiltskin was created to better fit this more specific gnome-related situation.
“that was the best blumplestiltskin everr”

“hey, come over here and give me a blumplestiltskin you dirty lil gnome”
n., a person who offers up her first child in order to get a blumpkin from a little person.
john became a blumplestiltskin when he agreed to give ruth, the midget, his first-born child in return for a much-needed blumpkin.
the act of receiving a rim job while urinating in a urinal. the antonym of blumpkin.
stacy’s mom gave me a really nice blumplestiltskin.

sorry i peed on your faced during that blumplestiltskin.
a lazy person. a b-m.
a: what did you do today?
b: nothing. slept til 2. ate some pizza bites. laid around.
a: what a blumplestiltskin.

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