an action that occurs before, during, and after visiting cracker barrel restaurant.
dude, i was so hungover i had to blunch everywhere this morning, then we had blunch at cracker barrel and i’ve had to blunch out my -ss all afternoon.
when you smoke a blunt on your lunch break instead of eating.
a::how was your lunch break??

b:: good had blunch with mistaa perry!!(:
first meal of day eaten at lunchtime. as opposed to brunch which is eaten at 10 or 11, blunch is eaten at 12 or 1.
i wasn’t hungry in the morning so i had blunch.
having lunch with a touch of breakfast.
me: yo angelo i just had a great blunch
angelo: really what did u get

me: i had a burger with an egg on the side.
when you wake up the morning after a long night of partying and its too late for breakfast but too early for lunch so you just smoke a blunt.
yo i just woke up and missed breakfast with the fam

its cool, come over for blunch, i got mad l’s on deck
when the first meal of the day is breakfast but the food eaten is lunch food. it’s a lot more lunch than breakfast hence the name gets a lot more lunch than breakfast.
man i just woke up and its already noon, blunch time!
the meal between brunch and lunch.
i was still hungry after having brunch, and it was too early for lunch, so i had some blunch.

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