a big ol’ fattie of a blunt
you ready to smoke this bluntski??

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  • bmtg

    abbr. buy-me-things girl. a woman, by function of either incompetence or malice, demands an inordinate amount of financial support. she was fun for a romp, but definitely not girlfriend material – she’s a total bmtg.

  • bobby davro

    a minor swear word (can be used as a non-offensive alternative for ‘b-ll-cks’). typically used in the situation where you start a conversation and then spot someone in the room who you shouldn’t swear infront of. oh bobby davro, i forgot my pe kit!

  • boci

    in hokkien (chinese dialect), it means a male/guy does not have t-st-cl-s to do things that other people do not think are especially difficult literally, it means balless, coward adj. 1. can you don’t be so boci? just go and talk to the girl! 2. d-mn boci la you! 3. haha…don’t expect too much for […]

  • bodying

    the act of combing to men to shove into a whale’s v-g-n- dude check out those two guys bodying that whale 1 more definition add your own having hardcore s-xual intercourse all night #1 did yall body? #2 i bodied that ho last night. #3 he knows how to body.

  • bollocksed

    from the verb to b-ll-cks or b-ll-cks-up. when something or someone is well and truly b-gg-red beyond repair. pl. b-ll-cksing “thanks a lot. that car you sold me is totally b-ll-cksed” or “man, that is some serious sh-t. a couple of chuffs on that and i was totally b-ll-cksed” 1 more definition add your own […]

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