to get pulled over by the police. comes from the sound the police sirens make (“blurp!”)
“slow down…i ain’t tryna get blurped tonight!”
the disgusting sudden explosion of blood that comes out of the v-g-n- when youre on your period and you laugh/sneeze/cough.
beth: “yea so i totally just got my period today. gross right?”
anna: “yuck girl.”
beth: -sneeze-
beth: “oh god… i umm… need the bathroom…”
anna: “oh my god you just blurped didn’t you???”
to communicate with someone via an instant messenger program; fr. the sound instant-message programs often produce when a message is received.
he didn’t respond when i blurped him, so i -ssume he must have stepped away from the computer.
when you burp and blow it away (usually in someone else’s face) or blow as a kiss

invented by aoife preston
aoife: burp (blows into zara’s face)
zara: ahhhhh gurl don’t you blurp me
the act of simultaneously burping and vomiting – usually projectile style.
mama, i just done blurps all over my bed.

mama, i blurpsed all over your bed.

muuuuuum, oh no, i bin blurpsing again!
a fat person who enjoys mcdonald’s
t-blurp hollins
when you puke a little in your mouth when you burp.
“i just drank some beer and i tried to burp, but i ended up blurping

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