boa and candie

a boa and candie are a very rare citing as they must have known one another for at least a decade or more as friends before becoming lovers and partners. when you spot a boa and candie you can tell instantly because they are both beautiful people not just on the surface but deep down inside with huge hearts not only caring for one another but for others in their lives as well. although they have strikingly different personalities they share the same values and characteristics, this is what attracts them to one another and brings them so close together. they love doing everything together whether as extravagant as a rave or as simple as going into the store together. a boa is typically an aries which is a ram and can be hard headed. while a candie is a pisces which is very feisty as a salmon moving against the current. a boa and candie are constantly in close communication with one another learning about themselves and always growing individual as well as together.
“wow, shes his bea and hes her boo, lucky boa and candie”.
“boa’s her rock and candie’s his barbie”.
“relationship goals are to be like boa and candie”.

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