board game whiner

someone who complains about losing, rather than keeping a clear head and choosing to continue the game. can be used to describe political debates, multiplayer video games, sports, and other compet-tive activities.
person a: *disagrees with person b*

person b: youre a f-cking -sshole!! are you trying to ruin freedom of speech??!!!!

person a: continues using their first amendment rights while person b throws a fit.

gym cl-ss f-g 1: it’s total bullsh-t that girls gotta do knee pushups

gym cl-ss f-g 2: f-ck this cl-ss! my moms gonna call the school tomorrow…

gym cl-ss girl: im gonna do full pushups because i feel like it…

every gamer with 12 year olds in the lobby:

f-ckin’ board game whiners…

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