body rub

a body rub is, technically, an erotic m-ssage that may or may not include extras, e.g. happy endings. sometimes these take place in hotels or motels; other times the m-sseuse will come to the client’s home.

experiences with a body rub are very individualized: some offer more intimate services (such as a bj) based on pay, and others will offer kissing, mutual touch, and even fs. often this depends on how familiar the m-sseuse is with the client. and prices run the gamut from $50-$300 and higher, also depending on what services you want.

men, women, and transgender providers offer body rubs if you’re looking for them, and they’re probably available in just about any city, believe it or not.
i had the most amazing body rub last night! her name was angel; she was gorgeous and treated me like a king!
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