someone being a b-tch or a douche or even a -sshole (noun)
wow, ryan was such a bogatas today

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  • fshjhbgfjhasfbgjh

    what is typed when your f-cking cat walks all over your keyboard google: “fshjhbgfjhasfbgjh” was not recognized cat: meow

  • mini relationship

    a romantic relationship that lasts no more than three months. joe: they broke up already? it’s only been six weeks. bob: it must’ve been one of her many mini relationships.

  • tarinabo

    the most annoying individual you will ever meet. loves hillary clinton and barack obama. mr fruit tingle. but still annoying. dude, don’t be a tarinabo..

  • smellodrama

    a smellodrama is an emotional overreaction to a mess or smelly situation. susie served up a screaming, crying smellodrama when the toilet overflowed.

  • b*ttergnome

    a roommate that doesn’t bathe, has no respect for himself, and would rather be encrusted in his own filth than stop playing video games or doing drugs that roommate is such a slimy crustyb-ttergnome , he’d rather play mine craft than bathe or socialize.

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