bohdan is a very strong headed guy that knows what he wants. he could rule a country or even the world given a chance. bohdan is lovable but you p-ss him off you get the brunt of that bossy nature.
bohdan, i just can’t get through your thick skull. what on earth will it take to get you to understand?!
a person who is very good at most sports and intellectually amazing. bohdan likes to have fun all day every day and does not care about the consequences. sometimes bohdan gets mad randomly but calms down after talking to friends and laughing. bohdan is crazy at times and enjoys it.
“hey man look at that he is going ham and pulling a bohdan”
the remnant fecal stool determinedly budged in the bowel just before the opening of the -n-s.
f-ck, this bohdan is so painful i feel like i have a brick up my -rs-hole.

the remnant fecal stool determinedly budged in the bowel just before the opening of the -n-s.
f-ck, this bohdan’s so painful i feel like i have a brick up my -rs-hole.

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