a person who is of low intelligence and also extremely annoying
phil: bob you are idiot
bob: silence boit, did i ask you to speak?
(pr-nounced boo-it)
a word used to convey sympathy (whilst making light of the situation) when an extremely unfortunate event happens to a friend or relative.
friend 1 ” it was unbelievable, the rake hit him right in the eye”
friend 2 “boit.”
(bow-it) the dimple at the base of the back, often seen on attractive males. occurs approximately at the location of the l4-l5 lumbar vertebra. often a lower back tattoo or tramp stamp is positioned here. feminine form: buit
hugh jackman’s b-tt is hot. heck, his boit is hot!
it is an expression to describe a good looking male
he is boit
omg he was boit
the most epic swear of all time. the only card that can trump the chuck norris roundhouse kick to the face.

boit > f-ck
“yes, the last slice of pizza!”
“boit you man.”
see boity
seeboity and you will find your answers! boity boity boity!!!
yo check it son i am the greatestnessest off them all.
i an’t got pounds of gacked
da sweet is sour and u clowns are wack
when i spit in da streets they b feelin me
this is the next chapter to the 3 part trilogy.
i’m beta than ya’ll if u dont like it den get it steppin

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