an attention-deficit legendary creature of korean folk, known because of its height, weight, and high pitch squeal, which many scientists say is the cause of cancer. the face of the creature is that of a gorilla’s but he has the body of an elephant, the arms of a t- rex, and the legs of a giraffe (which questions the ability of bolby to walk on two feet). victims’ description of its height ranges from 12 feet to 36 feet. but coincidentally, they all agreed on the fact that its round belly is able to swallow a human whole.
all of the victims of the creatures attack stated that before they were attacked, they heard their name called in an irritating high-pitched fashion, which causes instant paralysis. apparently, this paralysis is the reason why the fat creature can catch up to its targets. some people say they were paralyzed for hours, even though the creature was only a few footsteps away. this was probably because the creature was too busy chasing b-tterflies or something.

for some reason, female humans are highly attracted to bolby. so be warned
one day, little tim went to visit korea with his family. little did he know that the bas-m-nt of the hotel he was staying at was also the living place of bolby. while tim was exploring the hotel, he heard a high pitch squeal of his name coming from his bas-m-nt. as he went down to check who was calling him…..(this scene was taken out due to excessive violence)…. and that is how little timmy lost both of his arms. no more dota for timmy..

the end
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adj./noun:an african american slave term that is socially acceptable to speak in public, preferably in bolby central areas with many bolbies around. it is the word for niglet, n-gg-r, spooks, darkie, and any other racial term balled into one glorious word. plural: bolbies.
me: there sure are a lot of bolbies around here…
johnny: they need to go back into those cotton fields instead of standing on the street corner.

example two:me: you are such a bolby.
bolby: yes m-ssa, i’s a good bolby.

example three:me: bolby get off my lawn. you don’t want to see my backyard. (bolby runs away)

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