1) a bolshevik, or someone accused of having bolshevik (communist) leanings).

2) (more commonly) an adjective meaning that someone is very -ssertive in the pursuit of something and/or hostile to authoritarian manoeuvres by others. a bolshy person gets cross if confronted and is likely to say “what’s it to you?”, “mind your own business” and stuff like that a lot.

3) also the name of a short-lived youth magazine run by the alliance for workers’ liberty.
he was getting stroppy with me, so i started getting bolshy.

a lot of students get a bit bolshy after a few pints.
1. a 4th wave ska band from liverpool uk. bolshy combine the best of ska reggae and punk with their strong anti-capitalist and anti-discrimination views.

2. an adjective used to describe someone who has a lot att-tude and confidently expresses their views, may cause a lot of heated discussion and arguments
1. have you heard bolshy’s music?

2. tim has a bolshy att-tude
big. from russian “bol’shoi”, meaning big.
that chap had some bolshy fists. he’ll really give you a bolshy tolchok.
a south african woman!

of late i have been witness to a friend finding himself getting more and more frustrated by south african women. both dating and freindships he keeps getting the thin end of the wedge. we live in the middle east and his terminology to sum this particular species was “bolshy”.
she a real “bolshy” cow!

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