bomb dot com

being better than the rest… “the sh-t” if you will… superb… pretty much a gee. and only the coolest people are dubed with this t-tle.
“dag, nattie gee… we made this work day our b-tch you’re the bomb dot com.”
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another way to express when something is awesome/cool/amazing.
d-mn that burrito was bomb dot com

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  • Bombed the basin

    its the act of consuming alot of alcohol and spicy food the night before, then getting up with the sh-ts in the middle of the night but not quite making it to the bog……only the sink…. nick: hahahaha pete’s bombed the basin……. joe: aarrgghh my toothbrush was in there!!!!


    1) verb. to do anything intence or extreme 2) adjective. having extreme or intence properties. 3)noun. something extreme or intence 4)interjection. any meaning 1)”wow! you just bombed sh-t -ss!” 2)”i just got some new bomb sh-t -ss music” 3)”wanna buy some bomb sh-t -ss?” 4)bombsh-t-ss!

  • Irvine Company

    the name of the company that is really just a front for the devil himself. doing business with the irvine company is exactly like doing business with the devil. they/he will take your soul.

  • piscitarian

    one who eats only the flesh of fish. over the summer i converted to vegetarianism… well, rather, i became a piscitarian, i still eat fish.

  • offt nut

    oh no offt nut a ka beleive that happend! oh no i cant beleive that happend!

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