this term has been in use in the highlands of scotland for at least 30 years. it is a slightly uncomplimentary term for a tourist.
“here in the scottish highlands we call tourists ‘bonglies’ i have been calling them that for so long i will not be able to call them anything else.”

“in the summer at the weekend we too get walkers (or bonglies as they are not so affectiontly known) who think its ok to trapse sic through the yard instead of using hill track like they are supposed to.”

“… the bonglies (white settlers) in residence have put sign on the lawn saying, ‘tresp-ssers will be whipped and sent to the colonies”

“all shops in the highlands retailing to ‘visitors’ (bonglies, grockles, terrorists etc) are obliged to play enya & celtic harp wailing”

…. all found by using a well-known search engine

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