someone who is on instagram all day long and is in love with jawlines.
i saw izzy looking at jawlines on instagram the other day
oh she’s a bonusdumplingtouchsh-tshegoalsnakedmoleratriggeredsl-tcyberbullybully

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  • booger boy

    a stupid mother f—-r that picks his nose hey john stop picken your nose booger boy

  • vedul

    someone who is very intelligent especially when it comes to geography and math. guy 1: that kid at the spelling bee was a complete vedul! guy 2: ikr

  • dumb spice

    when you are a dumb sh-t but still s-xy ruby rose: turkey is in hungary me: you’re such a dumb spice

  • breeeeeeeeee

    a pig squeal (luke griffin, infant annihilator) i heard of these new gutturals that sounds like a pig squeal . yeah, breeeeeeeeee

  • chinese pretzel

    when a man is fingering a woman while she is jerking him off. i walked in on my parents doing the ol’ chinese pretzel yesterday. yeesh.

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