Boob Off

a contest that is held between two women with br–sts of similar size and shape that is
usually instigated by male onlookers. the contest is to determine who has the larger and/or
better looking br–sts. this contest is to be held with the contestants topless.
dude, that chick has some hot t-ts. no dude, that other chick has some hotter t-ts.
i disagree, looks like we need to have a b–b off.
it is a fusion of a b–b job and a jerk off. it’s when a girl is masturbating you while your d-ck is between her t-ts and she’s sucking your d-ck at the same time. also when you see a girl with a lot of t-ts you that’s a b–b off case.
last night a girl gave me a b–b off it was amazing
this girl has huge t-ts that’s a b–b off case

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