boobana hammock

this is the term used to describe the female version of a banana hammock; it’s when a female wears a sports bra, thus creating a hammock effect, otherwise known as a unib–b.
look at that b–bana hammock over yonder.

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  • b**bie breeze

    when a girl tries to rub her b–bs in someones face but misses so they feel a breeze on the their face from the b–bs. -b–bie breeze “i feel that b–bie breeze, gurl!”

  • b**biekeekles

    the act of laughing like a little schoolgirl at the mention of any of the following words: breast, b–b, b–bie, nipple, nipal, teet, jugglies, or mommybags haha! you said b–b. b–biekeekles or he b–biekeekled for hours.

  • b**b sloob

    a large chested prom-goer usually displaying her huge watermelons in a corset-like quinceñera dress. “b–b sloob”!

  • b**b toes

    a rare disease that instead of toes small b–bs with nipples are placed instead. in some cases b–b toes forms when a person has a diaper b-tt or bulldog looking face that kid james took off his shoes at the beach and he had b–b toes!

  • b**by puddin

    the way a girls ample natural bosom looks like it is poured into the top of her shirt, usually a corset is involved.commonly seen on beer wenches. did you see that beer wenches at oktoberfest? yeah, it was like a b–by puddin buffet.

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