the act shooting your man goo on a woman’s face followed by slapping her face with your empty gun. similar to the cl-ssic pearl necklace, but more specific targets (nose, mouth, eyes, hair)
i knew she was into booc-cky when she told me to shoot it on her face!
when many guys all at once bust one out on a girls face.
asians like to play the game booc-cky all the time.
two(male) hick best friends who enjoy chewing spearmint skoal while making out in a black ford pick up truck.
mike and rich went outside to booc-cky together.
is putting your p-n-s in someones mouth while they’re asleep and then waking them up. results of booc-cky is the victim being c-cky about tasting c-ck.
bin: last night while i was sleeping zack gave me a booc-cky. i woke up with his p-n-s in my mouth. it was like breakfast in bed.

zack: yea, you like that don’t you b-tch.
the mating call of the humans
walking down the street i yelled booc-cky and found my man

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