i’ve heard this word for years. according to my grandma, it means fart
(old-ish grandma voice)
“oops! i just boofah’d”

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  • fansturbating

    loudly and obnoxiously proclaiming your fandom of something. “kill la kill is great, but all the fansturbating is turning me off it.”

  • hot cocked

    the act of eating a hot pepper before giving a bl-w j-b. when said c-ck is exposed to air, depending on the heat intensity of the consumed pepper, it begins to heat up, sometimes painfully hot. my girlfriend totally hot c-cked me last night! i had to put my d-ck in milk for ten minutes.

  • kalina ova

    a young sl-t who has dated every guy in her year and the year below her. she is a terrible singer and actor and has the biggest ego you’ve ever seen. “she’s such a sl-t.” “i know right, a total kalina ova.”

  • Chesel

    a super odd dude who loves sniffing friends b-tts, watching them while they sleep, and chewing their finger nails. f-ck you chesel alexander

  • east kids

    usually over-privileged under-supervised kids who live on the lake and think that it’s unusual to not stay at the ritz carlton when you go to florida for spring break. often cruise around on their mopeds and train all summer for lacrosse because lax is life. like to sport vineyard vines clothing and are especially in […]

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