boofness is talking reckless without having his/her facts straight.
nikolas angel rodriguez talks boofness all the time.

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  • chunterf*cker

    noun. person or persons who chunter along in lane two or three of a motorway or dual carriageway for no f-cking reason whatsoever. a. that f-cker is chuntering along in the middle lane when lane 1 is completely empty. b. what a chunterf-cker.

  • blue barrel

    a very large, thick d-ck. omg caroline, john has the best blue barrel!

  • shivashankar

    an idiotic lame skinny person who looks ugly as sh-t! although a little intelligent when it comes to academics otherwise a big loser at everything else. can’t talk to women either. that dude is such a shivashankar!! i hate him!!

  • jamahd

    a jamahd very amazing young man. his smile makes you smile and being with him or just the thought of him makes you happy. he is handsome yumm and has a good humor double yumm makayla: jamahd is so amazing!! joanne: i know right! i should cuff him makayla: back off trick that’s all me

  • tip tickler

    anyone who’s named ryan or cole or bryce who willingly fondles the tip of another persons spicy man beaf your such a gay tip tickler ryan

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