the word boogadonis is a slang term referring to an obnoxious fat black woman. if you see a fat black women and aren’t sure if she is a boogadonis, ask yourself the following questions:

1. is she loud and obnoxious?
2. does she use the phrases mhmm and das rite gurl alot?
3. if you are in a public place, is she either in your way or making it difficult for you to hear?
4. is she wearing some sort of tacky faux suede jumpsuit?
5. if she has kids, are they dressed like stereotypical n-gg-rs?
6. is she on the phone and being extremely loud?

if you answered yes to any of the previous questions, the fat black woman that you see is indeed a true boogadonis!
i couldn’t even hear the movie over the racket that boogadonis was making! she laughed at every single joke for atleast 30 seconds at full f-cking volume!

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