the act of doing something very naughty and disgusting.
harrison: meagan have you ever boohara’d??
meagan: yeah, why?
harrison: ahh that’s disgusting! vulgar!

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  • boomed

    destroying kids all day and all night in anything. i boomed on that kid in the basketball game yesterday.

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    a boonaynay is a really soft booty. a boonaynay (boo-nay-nay) super soft like hot chap stick.

  • boondooner

    v-g-n- sally has the biggest boondooner i ever seen!

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    (noun) a tank of water, found on a fire engine or quint, used to extinguish fire with stretched hose lines while water supply is being established. those 38 guys just sat there and watched the house burn while waiting for the hydrant hook up. the could have used their booster tank to at least knock […]

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