(v.) to run fast. as book it, but specifically for running. shortened to book in some cases.
“the cops are on the way; get ready to book up if there’s trouble!”
hooking up with an “old friend” for a booty call via facebook.
i friended jenny last week and i’ve been trying to book-up for the last three days.
like “to look something up”, but on facebook
stan: i heard a new guy called bob billson is working here from tomorrow.

lee: cool, i’ll book him up tonight.

stan: book up?

lee: like look up, but on facebook
when you meet a chick and instead of hooking up with her you go home facebook friend her and m-st-rb-t- to her photo.
dude, those chicks where so hot im going home to book up to them
a group of friends on facebook (social network) that are planning to meet up and use facebook chat.
facebook user 1 – hey man gotta roll but lets “book-up” laters
facebook user 2 – word!
a popularized term synonymous to s-xual intercourse
“i walked in on my mom and dad while they were bookuping, and i must say that my dad’s -ss was so f-cky hairy while my mom’s t-tt–s sagged like a n-ts-ck.”

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