someone with tight abs, usually a short fit woman in her 40s that beats someone up s-xually using a “bouncing on foot” technique called a “boonce.” these freakish people feed off of human shame and hardcore techno b-ss.

“dude what happened!?”
“i got -ssraped by a booncer chick!”
(adj.) ?>= bøøncer -latin- ?>= booncer -english-
the act of taking your fist and forcing it tightly into the bunghole of a rombledor
“umm, i just got rombledored by a booncer”
“tell me about it, that happened to me yest-rday”
“come here little childen and let me boonce your bungholes”
“oh sh-t run”
“ahhh f-ggot booncer”
“dont touch my bunghole”

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