the talkmaster, a libertarian talk show host based in atlanta
i listen to boortz often, you can visit to learn more
a highly skilled orator
boortz gives the best texas taint ticklers.
to intellectually smack down a clueless tard with the insensitive truth
“that idiot who said the fairtax was “for the rich” got boortzed when i showed him the facts”
n. small nuggets of squishy poo accidentally fired into one’s undies after pushing a fart too hard. name refers not only to the sound made by the poo, but also to a sh-th–d clueless radio host.
ralph wiggum hiked up his trousers, stuck his finger in his nose and said, “i made boortz in my pants!”
letting someone else do your thinking for you.
after having been boortzed,bubba encourages others to watch fox news and join the boortz lifestyle.
a person who is a professional sphinctriloquist.
boortz has won the sphintiloquist contest, hands down.

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