someone who makes up so much sh-t no one can believe a single thing they say.
person 1″josh told me that’s his ferrari”
person 2″josh is a f-cking boostman that’s not his”

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  • mihrak

    an idiotic -sshole who snitches on everyone he hates and may be h-m-s-xual. that niaz guy is always flerting with that other guy, he’s such a mihrak.

  • trump smacked

    1. what happen to hillary clinton 2. talking trash to liberals still upset about the 2016 presidential election outcome. 1. oh you thought hillary was unstoppable. sorry that your hope and dreams got trump smacked. 2. i’m bored…would you like to go trump smack some of those protesters?

  • bad jaw

    the soreness your jaw feels after giving a bl-wj-b. oh man, i got bad jaw after hooking up with bill last night.

  • bust a zot

    euphemism used by students at the university of california, irvine to describe masturbation. “dude i have four roommates, it’s hard to find a place to bust a zot”

  • claringbold

    the last name of a very special ginger boy that boy with the last name claringbold is a very special ginger

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