Booty lookin’

something or someone that is extremely ugly.
man, why didn’t you tell me that she was booty lookin’.

i don’t know how you could ever find that guy attractive, he’s really booty lookin’.

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  • bottleable

    able to be put into a bottle. that sauce is so good, it’s bottleable.

  • brandalyn

    a true beauty. farts a lot, always laughing and smiling. dude, that girl is so a brandalyn. we gotta chill.

  • ceciley

    ceciley a truly magical girl. one who is creative and outspoken. she cares for people and can be insensitive at times. she can be feisty but she has a big heart. she loves chantal. “that’s chantal’s bestfriend, ceciley.”

  • cereal, no syrup?

    cereal is supposed to sound like serious. while syrup represents the sugar coating of the truth or a lie. so, the whole phrase is: seriously, no lie. nathan: she says you are cute bro mark: cereal, no syrup? nathan: cereal

  • chips aha!

    euphoric exclamation uttered when you think you’re done with a package of cookies, but hidden behind or underneath the opening, or at the bottom of the package, you find one or two more. -are there any cookies left? -no, i just ate the last one. wait a minute… chips aha! want one?

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