Booty meat

a word that means you suck or something sucks. or lots of booty on a girls -ss.
person 1:-kicks the soccer ball but misses- dude that kick was bootymeat

d-mn that girl got some bootymeat on dat -ss
##booty #meat #-ss #sucks
booty meat is the flesh that gives the -ss it’s wonderful (or hideous) shape.

the part of the -ss that creates the canopy for the back of the thighs.
man, look at the booty meat on vida guerra
possibly the stupidest way of describin a broad with a nice -ss, booty was better, came from the song booty meat by soulja boy
girl shake dat booty meat
dat booty meat
dat booty meat
dat booty meat
#booty #-ss #badonkadonk #b-tt #bottom
meat on rear end; the extra flesh that is on your b-ttox.
the hoe had alot of booty meat.
d-mn! thats alot of booty meat.
#b-tt #hoe #meat #b-ttox #sl-t
when a girl has a big booty
d-mn did u see dat girl wit all dat booty meat?
#booty #b-tt #booty meat #big booty #soulja boy #donk
the jiggly part of a girls b-tt.usually preferred on girls with large b-tts.
oh man, dude look at the bootymeat on that s-xy girl.
#booty #jiggle #-ss #b-tt #wet
a girl wit a nice/big -ss
“gurl shake dat bootymeat all up on me soulja boy
up in this thang c-m an hang wit me im ya h boom c–n champaign wit me”
~soulja boi~
#juicy #bootay #trunk #-n-s #ghetto booty
a booty out this m-th- f-cken world
that booty meat hit the f-cken floor
#big #enormous #wow #d-mn #booty

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