a drinking session to end all drinking sessions, or one that has cataclysmic consequences.
man 1: oh my head, what happened last night? i can’t remember anything.

man 2: we had boozageddon. it was messy. it’s probably best that you don’t remember it if you value your sense of self-worth.

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  • Booze Boner

    an affliction caused by watching a television show or film depicting the consumption of alcohol, possibly leading to intoxication, which causes a desire to imbibe. dude! everytime i watch that “three sheets” show i get a major booze b-n-r.

  • Bordium

    the state of being so bored that even death sounds like a better alternative. guy 1: dude im so bored guy 2: yeah me too im suffering from level 9 bordium.

  • booze hound

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