Boring Snob

any person who sits there dryly listening to your best efforts at conversation all the while looking as though they couldn’t care less whether your presence was there or not.
a boring sn-b can be found at any “upper cl-ss” social event found lazily drinking their alcohol, taking pictures with expensive cameras, while discussing the ivy league they attended.

if you approach someone wearing boat shoes and they can hardly talk without addressing how “crazy” and “outgoing” you are, these are probably sn-bs. due to mostly the fact that they have their heads so far up their own b-tts they rarely get out and enjoy life with the rest of us.

the worst thing about boring sn-bs is that they are so incapable of carrying on any form of conversation that doesn’t have to do with skiing or how their high paying job just can’t do anything right at the cooperate level. really…

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