borusa – a f-ggot who thinks that he’s so mighty but really just needs to shut the f-ck up.
shut the f-ck up borusa

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  • shift in

    to work at something a lot . that lad was putting a right shift in on that girl .

  • princess itis

    condition afflicting some women, caused by the delusion of regal upbringing and status, yet characterized by a recurrent behavior resembling the one displayed by a drunken stripper. mich-lle: hey did you see the bachelorette last night? mike: nope, too much princess-itis going on.

  • slug girl

    a girl who’s hot, but if you p-ss her off she’ll f-ck you up d-mn that’s one h-ll of a slug girl, she just beat the sh-t outta me for callin her beautiful

  • mercurial ally

    is both for you and against you at the same time. when are you going to go from a mercurial ally to somebody who actually helps me out riddell? why doesn’t it compute?

  • deadpawwing

    slang for the act of showing your “natural-born talents” in the evasion of questions, lying, arrogance, lack of intelligence, and over all lack of decent human character. generally being a dense piece of sh-t in every conceivable way. “is he deadpawwing right now, or is he just pretending to be autistic?” “you’re just a deadpawwing […]

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