a mmo player who uses a bot program to play the game automatically. some people use bots to farm game money then sell on ebay or ige. often the only intelligent player of a game. no life skills are gained by clicking monsters after all.
i never report botters, because you never know if they are feeding their money off that income.
a gentleman who arrives through the back door, a jaxi driver.
he is a botter.
feeling of elation or excitement
keith was feeling quite botters today.
a term used to describe someone (usually male) who is being down right pathetic and just won’t shut up. the word has essentially the same meaning as ‘loser’, but is often seen as more offensive, as the person being branded a botter often pictures themselves being ‘botted’ by another member of the same s-x, thus causing them to question their s-xuality.
“shut the f-ck up you botter, n-body gives a sh-t about green day’s new alb-m.”
a word commonly used in the magnum language, spoken fluently in the fail dialect meaning, “water bottle”.
1. “i need to go fill my botter!”

2. “where the h-ll did i put my botter?”

3. “d-mn, i left my botter at basketball practice.”
someone who doesn’t stop going on about one thing constantly
for instance, if i bought a cd of a new band/ artist, and constantly talked about them and listened to it, i’d be a botter. another example would be al sparrow

a bottle of water.

could youi please p-ss me the botter.

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