a term for calling someone a smelly fart
oh my god that jodie girl is such a boulger

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  • moseph

    an english c-nt normally found trolling the server. mother f-cker… quit whining about f-cking c compiler!!! i’ve never laughed so much on irc……. you should install gentoo more often… its hilarious person who loves brianna a h-m-s-xual guy who self-consciously attempts to act straight by appropriating stereotypically masculine cultural markers. the word combines ‘mo […]

  • most probably

    phrase used in any declaration, pr-nouncement, or promise that gives the appearance of being legitimate, but in reality is a complete bailout ruby: “wow, that felt so natural, were you even using protection?.” faz: (panicing) “uhmmmm… most probably i was wearing a condom” -three months later- faz has stds and ruby is pregnant

  • Moses Check

    a quick check around for any person or persons of a racial minority before making a racist joke. guy1:”omg i heard an awesome joke, right. 2 black guys walked into a bar and” guy2:”wait man, moses check first.” guy1:”oh sh-t yeah, better had.”

  • Mosentine

    when one of your so-called “friends” takes a stinky dump in a house full of people. at christmas dinner, grandma snuck away from the table and returned with a huge grin on her face. she dropped a huge mosentine on all of us.

  • bowel scowl

    the look on your face when you’re trying to pinch out a rock hard log. that kid in the stroller had a serious bowel scowl on his face; must’ve been dropping a week-old deuce.

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