Bouncing Bomb

a slang term given by his freinds and peers to a large, cylindrical young member of timberland cricket club, on the outskirts of lincoln, uk.

some people from the higher social echelons claim army ranks as nicknames, for example, the general, the colenal or the captain. however, this child thinks he is ranked a bit higher than he actually is within our small, rural club.

therefore, another army name has been asigned to him… the bouncing bomb
1) jesus christ! please, just get the bouncing bomb on strike

2) wow, the bouncing bomb is destroying them out there

3) boing boing, its the bomb again!
1) a spherical bomb that bounces on water when dropped at speed. floats. used by the allies to attack dams without losing thier planes.

2) a morbidly obese person fallign over and bouncing back up with thier stomach.
bouncing bombs were launched against austrian and german dams

the fat woman did a bouncing bomb

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