when you’re on the rebound
i’m going out totally and am totally bounding

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  • with hats off

    (adverb) without condoms. eminem’s my dad’s gone crazy: “all this time me and dre been f-ckin’ with hats off”.

  • bowfangled

    related to newfangled – something gratuitously new, but also obscure, seemingly contradictory, silly, or ambiguous. an adjective usually related to fashion or technology. the purpose of those new bowfangled j-panese watches is so that you can’t tell the time!

  • wmcyaf

    what more could you ask for? 4 #free std shows at hoek’s death metal pizza in 2 days, + tons of other great metal bands, pizza + beer, wmcyaf!? banana bread?

  • wolfden

    a complete sponge that mooches from friends and makes them to feel sorry for him/her. darren says: hey, i see you have food in your fridge and a warm couch but i got nowhere to go and rolling b-tt-smokes. joe says: you can stay a night here yah for sure but you have to leave […]

  • Bowla

    1. something or someone which is of mediocre or below-average quality, is overall unimpressive and worthy of insult/ridicule. 2. anti-balla dude, do you want to go to mooseheads tonight? man, moose is facking bowla.

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