a name given to the nicest, most conciderate people. those named bowen usually are quite shy yet are very good friends. bowen’s are also very very nice person, and is never mean to anyone.
aweh, that’s so nice! your such a bowen!
a magical beast that can make welsh girls disapear!
that poor girl was disapeared by a bowen. never seen since!
the kind of guy who wears batman pj pants, and doesn’t give a flying eff word. he runs around at night wearing a cape, and scoops up the ladies with his “bat mobile” (if you know what i mean). everyones totally jelly of his bowenesc.
-ladies chatting-

(bowen appears and shows his bat mobile)

-ladies get nitro’d-

bowen: like a bowen…
everything he wants to do is illegal, and he is very destructive and he tends to break things like air vents, rulers, and everyday items like that.
why is the air vent making such a loud noise?
jesus f-ck bowen
to “do a bowen” is to hit someone over the head with a keyboard when you are vexed.
woah, that kid just did a bowen on that poor girl from the library. i hear she’s gone to hospital!
to ‘do a bowen’ is to drink (very little) and p-ss out.
“im gonna do a bowen! urr ur urr!”
bowen is an uncommon male name of medieval origins given by indecisive parents who relegate to a name book when naming their children. the proper meaning of the name bowen is: “son of well-born parents”. it is mostly chosen as a middle name, usually to dignify a person’s name when stated in full. uniquely, it is chosen as a first name, but it is widely -ssumed that these children have a difficult childhood, since they are usually mocked by their peers for having such an eccentric name. bowen is also a mildly common surname.
my name is bowen, but i prefer to be called chuck because my middle name is charles.

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