a bowl cut
phil: look at her!
john: oh, she’s a bowly

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  • Cheese Market

    smelly discharge from under the foreskin. smelly p-n-s “john’s p-n-s stunk last night, it was like going to the cheese market” boyfriend: “shall we go upstairs and you can visit the cheese market? girlfirend: yes lets!

  • bftv

    it’s simply: big f-ckin tv something like 5feet sized lcd screen i watched that movie on my bftv. it’s same like: i watched that movie on my holycr-p sized tv.

  • dirty riah

    when a female takes the males p-n-s during -j-c-l-t–n and places the s-m-n in her earlobe, while being slapped continuously in the face with the t-st-cl-s. i went over to macy’s house and gave her face a dirty riah

  • Joe Merry

    a common term similar to “packing” that truckers use when out on the road. it generally refers to one trucker stopping at a rest area and -n-lly pounding the other trucker in the -ss somewhere at truck rest area (or in the cab of his truck.) man i could really go for a joe merry […]

  • juding

    filipino term for “little gay”.. early blossomed gay.. your 7 year old son is juding.

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