the most widely accepted meaning of the word boxer- is someone who gets annoyed when they join a public server and get raped by n00bs.

in pure frustration you can observe this specimen join a server, get totally owned by other freezetagers, at which point he will utter one of his catch phrases like “fckn n00bs”, “take you all on at osp” or “ffs spam” and then promptly disconnect.

the above phrases literally traslate to such things as: ‘im leaving because its my time of the month and i cant handle loosing’ or perhaps: ‘your more skilled than me, but id rather quit than admit it’.
boxer- was railed by fish
blue scores!
boxer- was electrocuted by pen1s
boxer-: ffs noobs
boxer- disconnected
the donn: lol
ele: p-ss off hax
boxer-= ultimate quake3 ufreeze player, most feared with mad skills, strikes fear in the hearts of other clans such as sfa.
who’s your daddy!?!??!

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