an acronym that stands for beer pong, down town, down to f-ck.

a lifestyle originated by a group of visionary utexas college students in austin, tx.

typical thursday/friday/sat-rday night:

10 pm:
brethren congregate with copious amounts of beer to cap off the week and indulge in the play of good ol’ beer pong, while loud edm/dub step music plays in the background. girls often surround the bp table, laughing and cheering on the men.

11.30 pm:
after several rounds of bp, the men reach a checkpoint as they start thinking about leaving their premises to go downtown (6th street).

but before leaving, in the spur of the moment, the men shotgun a beer while chanting “let’s get weird” at the top of their lungs.

arrive downtown. start off with jagerbombs. then, go bar hopping to get really hammered and to then find hot women who are dtf.

2 am
eat at big bite/kerbey lane cafe, or get delicious trailer food. occasionally, mess with/con people to see their reactions.

4 am
p-ss out with bros or sleep with a hoe. (bro before hoe, unless hoe wants the bro)

11 am – 1 pm
eat brunch with the bros and rehash the events of yesternight for anyone who suffered a blackout event.
bro 1: “yo bro, what do you want to do this fine friday night?”

bro 2: “let us follow our tradition of bp dt dtf”

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